warrior of theweek

Always for ALS is introducing it’s new WOW Wednesdays! On the first Wednesday of every month we will be highlighting an ALS Warrior of the Week aka WOW. 

Susan Werling

Our first Warrior is Susan Werling! She is 67 years old living in Palm Springs, FL. Susan was a teacher who taught math to 6th and 7th grade gifted students at Wellington Landings. At night, she also taught the GED Adult Ed course to adults at Lantana Middle School. Susan was diagnosed with ALS in January of 2013. The first areas affected by her diagnosis were her speech, swallowing, and dexterity. Susan never lets anything stop her. Most recently, Susan finished her first triathlon with the help of her friend John Wendel. Susan said she performed the triathlon in memory of ALS Warriors Susan Spencer-Wendel, Tom Paquette and because 1/2 of the proceeds from the event went to ALwayS for ALS! Susan, you’re a superstar and we love you!

Chris Carr

Our second Warrior of the Week is Christopher Carr! He is 31 years old and living in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Christopher used to work as a Shop Supervisor at Expert Shutters Services. He was diagnosed with ALS on February 4th 2016. The first area affected by his diagnosis were his arms with fasciculations. In May of 2016, Chris married his sweetheart Tiff Carr, who is not only his wife but his caregiver. Chris created a Facebook page for his ALS team called “Shielded In Faith” so that people could learn more about living with ALS and how his faith helps keep him strong along this journey. Most recently, Christopher went to see the Red Sox play against the Ray’s in Tampa. Next baseball game Chris will be at is this weekend with the Mets doing the Ice Bucket Challenge! See you there!