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Monday was Jack’s day. We delivered his new tilt wheelchair! Thank you to Diana and her fundraiser with LulaRoe who made this possible. When Pamela and I started ALwayS For ALS Inc. we really wanted the warrior families to meet each other to broaden their village and be able to see where their beloveds legacy will go on... For the new warrior family to know someone was down the road ahead of them and they understand. When we bring families together it is always a feeling of community and LOVE. Monday was a beautiful day. You see Diana didn’t just do a fundraiser ... she is part of an ALS family. She lost her mom almost three years ago and now she has a new friend Essot Jacquet “Jack.” We love you both! And for everyone reading, we want to let you know Diana will be partnering with ALwayS once a month to fundraise in memory of her mother Grace. #alwaysforjack #alwaysforgrace

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